Jack Taylor: The Guards

Thu Feb 21, 9-10.45pm, C5
JACK TAYLOR EP1Jack Taylor: The Guards
By David Jenkins |
Episode one
A regulation policier supercharged with noir-tinged dialogue, some extremely classy performances and an amazing, eccentric sidekick in the form of Ralph Brown’s Sutton, a man who executes his manhunting travails with oddly sadistic glee. Iain Glen, a safe pair of dramatic hands if ever there was one, stars as the ex Garda-turned-weekend gumshoe Jack Taylor, grizzled, charismatic, donkey-jacketed and with something of a penchant for hair-trigger violence.

With a charming brashness that leads him to wander through any open door where he smells trouble, he swiftly finds himself on the trail of a serial killer who’s offing young girls down by the docks. It’s all very clichéd, from the wiseacre patter to the generic chase scene through a strangely empty warehouse. But who’s complaining when the clichés are thrown together with this much tenderness and panache?
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