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Masterchef: The Professionals Uncovered

Wed Feb 27, 9-10pm, BBC2

The ‘Masterchef’ franchise has become a guaranteed ratings behemoth. We’re off-season at the moment, but this is a tasty morsel to dangle in front of the faithful. It’s a clip show, a greatest hits and a lap of honour, but goes down easily enough despite the hint of a format being milked dry.

What goes on behind the scenes? Is Monica as mardy as she looks? What’s the worst dish the gang have ever been served? And who comes up with the absurdly challenging ‘skills test’? It’s worth a look simply for the expression on Michel Roux’s face when he realises he’s essentially being served soggy chip shop scraps by one, eventually rather successful contender. A bit of an indulgence but appropriately, a rather tasty one.