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My Hero: Miranda Hart on Eric Morecambe

Fri Mar 29, 9-10pm, BBC1

What could so easily have been a tired and tested clips-and-hits fest is instead a warm personal tribute from one of comedy’s brightest new stars to one of its oldest and best. Miranda’s adoration is clear both from the outset of this film and from her work: she directly attributes her glances to camera and sense of joy and the ridiculous to Eric. As she romps around the country with her dog Peggy, dancing on a giant blue statue of the duo and visiting Morecambe’s old friends and collaborators, she’s clearly having a ball, as are we.

But she’s interested in the nature of stardom and its effects on Morecambe, as well as how he coped with the pressure of always having to be at the top of his game: concerns she admits to wrestling with herself. The combination of these different aspects of Morecambe’s life and art make this a pleasure to watch, whether you’re a fans of his, Miranda’s, both or even neither.