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My New Hand

Tue Feb 26, 10.35-11.35pm, BBC1

Besides ‘Sherlock’ and stuff narrated by David Attenborough, is there anything the Beeb does better than the medical documentary? Judging by the gripping ‘My New Hand’ (pun only partially intended), possibly not. In this hour-long programme, five potential recipients are shortlisted to receive Britain’s first hand transplant. Of course, doctors can only choose one.

It’s a premise ripe with drama, and one the programme’s producers treat with all due humanity – even as they squeeze it for every last drop of suspense. So try not to squirm through periodic transplant footage used to stitch together ‘My New Hand’ (inevitably announced each time by a huge ticking clock). You’ll have to be patient to find out who’s lying on the operating table – but it’s worth the wait.