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Natural World: Kangaroo Dundee

Sat Jan 26, 8.30-9.30pm, BBC2

A fatal touch of anthropomorphism stalks this documentary about Brolga, a big, beefy Aussie who has dedicated his life to outback kangaroos. The music is overblown and a little emotionally manipulative. Brolga asserts that one baby roo is suffering from stress – as if a young marsupial has anything to worry about, beyond bouncing around kicking the shit out of his mates. But it’s still good fun – kangaroos are innately likeable creatures and Brolga’s care for them is touching, albeit slightly weird. Brolga lives among the roos and, although he hasn’t quite gone the full Timothy Treadwell, when he repeatedly calls the beasts his ‘family’, you have to wonder what’s happened to his relationship with his own clan. Still, we get to see inside a kangaroo’s pouch so it can’t be all bad.


Chris Parsons

I have to agree with Julian. It's so easy to mock, isn't it? This guy is obviously doing something he believes in, it does no harm to others and hopefully does some good. What's wrong with a bit of compassion, or is that just not cool? Sorry you don't like kangaroos, I don't suppose they'd go a bundle on you.


Dear whoever, I say this. You must take a walk more often and air those ideas of yours on anthropomorphism. There is nothing wrong with the documentary, save for your perspective. I am afraid that your charge of anthropomorphism is nominal and only justified by the rhetorical conventions that you must be seen to abide by when writing your review. As such, it is on the verge of qualifying as crap. Thanks for your review, but sometimes,when something is nice, you just have to come out and say it. You will find that that is an even more difficult statement to make, of course, though more rewarding at the end. Regards, Gratiela


Phil Harrison your comments are a load of bollocks. The sound of Nick Drake soft poetic style was a perfect accompaniment to this programme, to describe the music as overblown is ridiculous. Brolga is neither beefy nor weird


this is a really shit review.it makes me quite angry. I watch this online and loved the show. I thought the soundtrack was great and think the idiot who wrote this knows nothing about animals or has no care.