Our Girl

Sun Mar 24, 9-10.30pm, BBC1

By about 9.45pm, Lacey Turner will probably be the only reason you’re sticking with ‘Our Girl’. The fire, fury and total commitment of her performance just about compensate for the clichés in Tony Grounds’ script, as young Molly (Turner) seeks refuge from a chaotic homelife (that's a jobless, manipulative dad, knackered, defeated mum, unreliable, shiftless mates and boyfriend) and a dead-end job by joining the army.

Where, by the way, recruits are treated firmly but fairly (by the likes of Matthew McNulty’s Corporal Geddings) and there’s plenty of banter but no real unpleasantness. It’s honest and well-intentioned but, despite the modern trimmings, all a bit old-fashioned. But then we shift away from military propaganda as things start to go wrong for Molly and her comrades, culminating in a sucker punch of an ending that truly brings the realities home. Stick with it and you’ll be rewarded, if that doesn’t sound too much like an army recruitment slogan.


big d

I liked it. I was actually about to start watching through some Top Gear copy on Discovery with the big nosed fella from the Gillette averts and Mika Salo, ex F1 driver. My wife changed the channel and started watching this instead. Reluctant at first as I was pretty worried that Lacey was just going to continue to act as,’Stacey’ from EE. I resisted the power of the xbox 360 and continued to watch this film and was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be another grim British show about the reality of life and especially the moment she’s caught her fella with her BFF in the toilet. He's a smooth chap, isn't he. It was when Lacey runs down the road throwing up nu-subtlety outside an Army recruitment office thought that there was the twist. Summing it up and trying not to bore you, you see her on her journey discovering the best she can be! She did well and it was good to pass the time. Much better than the film I watched the other morning, something about Cockneys Vs Zombies.