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Paul Hollywood’s Bread

Mon Mar 18, 8.30-9pm, BBC2

Series one, episode one
If there’s one thing Paul Hollywood knows how to do apart from having a ready-made celebrity name, it’s make bread. From bloomers to malt loaves, this series aims to draw you away from the readymade offerings at your supermarket bakery and teach you how to make them yourself. Like a potter at his wheel, Paul has a knack of making it all look incredibly easy, but the persistent feeling lingers that it’s probably anything but.

For the aspiring breadmaker, this is as comprehensive a how-to guide as you’re likely to get, but if you have no intention of making Paul’s creations yourself or simply don't have the time, then you’re essentially just watching a guy make amazing bread and giving yourself hunger pains in the process. It’s hard not to admire his undoubted skill and passion, but it’s even harder not to just buy that 80p baguette instead.