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The Crash

Tue Mar 5, 9-10pm, BBC3

Episode six
A group of young, happy teenagers are involved in a devastating car crash – then the old ‘six months earlier’ appears on screen. We see their lives before the crash, their dreams of the future and their happiness, and yet we know what’s coming. An all-too familiar structure for a docudrama, but in this case it actually works.

This first of a two-parter concerns itself with typical teenage dramas: proms, jiltings and awkward romances. But its shallow, upbeat nature is very effective in its naivety, contrasting poignantly with the brutal realism of the crash scene. It could be corny, but it’s rather moving, with brilliant performances from the likes of Sacha Parkinson and Lily Loveless. Expect next week’s conclusion, tracing the repercussions of the crash, to be much weightier in terms of drama and storyline.