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The Fried Chicken Shop: Life in a Day

Tue Feb 19, 9-10pm, C4

Red Hot Entertainment’s mighty fried chicken anthem ‘Junior Spesh’ sealed the deal. Budget chicken shops have embedded themselves within the fabric of the British high street and their cheap and cheerful brand of artery-clogging austerity-busting means they aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.

No previews were available of this documentary, but it’s one of those ideas which seems completely obvious once someone else has thought of it. Stick some cameras in a chicken shop – in this case, Roosters Spot on Clapham High Street – and simply watch, as the shop fills up with hungry, drunken, desperate, jubilant punters. We can probably expect some bad behaviour, but maybe a little sweetness too – for all the health and animal welfare issues that surround these shops, they’ve become many people’s best bet for a hot meal – some of them have even become informal community hubs. Could be an interesting slice of contemporary urban British life.



A show about a chicken shop is not what i consider entertainment channel 4 must be completely out of ideas. What next a day in the life of a bingo caller or the epic adventures of an insurance salesman.