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The Good Wife

Thu Jan 24, 9-10pm, More4

Jeffrey Neira
Series four, episode one
It’s been showered with Golden Globes, Emmys and Peabodys, and ‘The Good Wife’ remains a sturdy if mildly underwhelming affair. As it returns for a fourth season, the show pivots more than ever on Julianna Margulies’s excellent lead performance as Alicia Florrick, a litigator trying to balance parenthood, a self-evidently demanding job and the ever-echoing repercussions of a sex scandal involving her semi-estranged husband. Tonight, Alicia and her kids are stopped by an over-zealous traffic cop who may be stretching the drug laws to breaking point in order to impound cars and money. But will Peter’s political ambitions help or hinder Alicia’s campaign? Elsewhere, Marc Warren turns up in his customary guise as a lairy, intense wrong ’un. Decent but unmemorable.