The Sea King: Britain’s Flying Past

Thu Feb 28, 9-10pm, BBC2

In the opening sequence, as a grown man tearfully admits to be crying over a helicopter, alarm bells may begin to ring. However this documentary, presented by a gleeful John Sergeant, is thankfully more than simply a chopper spotter’s catalogue (although it does have its moments), sounding a final hurrah of sorts for the Sea King fleet of rescue helicopters, soon to be disbanded after half a decade of service.

The programme charts its extensive history in both military and search-and-rescue operations. In fact, not since the days of ‘999’ have so many rescue stories been crammed into one show. This, at least, fends off boredom. But a prior interest is probably preferable, or else you might wish to look elsewhere for your television entertainment tonight.


Martin Strick

A pretty abject review, that failed utterly to convey the vital S.A.R, A.S.W, and with the Commando variant MK4, humanitarian and warfighting capabilities of this venerable machine. I may be biased, having worked the old girl for 21 years now, but as the subject was evidently of no interest to the reviewer, then maybe someone a little more rounded to review the programme wouldn't go amiss? And a 5 minute Google search would reveal that the mighty King has racked up half a century of service, not half a decade. Poor effort i'm afraid.