The Spa

Thu Feb 7, 9-9.30pm, Sky Living

Series one, episode one
We can imagine the pitch: ‘Benidorm’ meets ‘The Brittas Empire’. And if that was indeed the goal, ‘The Spa’ (created by ‘Benidorm’ mastermind Derren Litten) succeeds admirably. Rebecca Front does a professional job as the spa manager Alison, keeping the show on the road while her staff, ranging from Nadine Marshall’s tyrannical fitness instructor to Tim Healey’s well-endowed handyman, threaten to derail it at every turn.

Highlights include the dippy receptionist confusing ‘obese’ with ‘a beast’, and an extended sequence in which a cleaner threatens suicide from the roof to a soundtrack so predictable that, if nothing else, makes the art of sitcom-writing look very easy indeed. Cheerful enough, then, but very short on laughs. ‘Benidorm’ meets ‘The Brittas Empire’ it is.


Paul Eames

We have watched "The Spa" since it started, I don't think we have laughed more than twice, we keep watching in the hope it will get better, but alas it hasn't. Might watch the final episode next week, we live in hope, Sky living should cut their losses on this "comedy" programme.