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The Walking Dead
Tina Rowden/AMC

The Walking Dead

Fri Feb 15, 10-11pm, Fox

By Tom Huddleston
Series three, episode nine
A mildly disappointing return for Egg and the gang, as the nerve-shredding pre-Christmas cliffhanger is dispatched in mere minutes courtesy of a few gunshots and a lot of shouting. The rest of the episode is all about consolidation: Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has a samurai sword-wielding road warrior, one very mouthy Michael Rooker and three shattered newcomers to contend with – handy, because they’d literally just run out of muscular but essentially good-natured black guys.

Meanwhile, Andrea (Laurie Holden) has to hold the town of Woodbury together while the Governor (David Morrissey) attends to some important drinking and brooding duties. It all wraps up rather laughably, with a hallucinatory sequence which pushes Lincoln’s acting abilities right to (and perhaps beyond) their limits. Still, at least they’re not still sat in that cornfield.

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