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The Walking Dead

Fri Feb 22, 10-11pm, Fox

Series three, episode ten
The majority of this week’s episode follows the relatively low-key template set last week: lots of sweaty yelling in rooms, forests and prison cells, with only the occasional glimpse of your actual undead. With Rick (Andrew Lincoln) still suffering the kind of post-traumatic stress that seems to exclusively afflict TV characters – causing him to gurn, hallucinate his dead wife, and overact wildly – it’s left to Glen (Steven Yeun) to hold the gang together.

Meanwhile, the Governor (David Morrissey) seems chastened by recent events – could he actually be rethinking this whole raging-psycho-rapist-dictator life strategy? Luckily, it all comes together for a truly thunderous, show-stopping finale, reminding us just how good this show can be when the blood gets pumping.