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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Fri Mar 1, 10-11pm, Fox

By Tom Huddleston
Series three, episode 11
After last week’s hot-lead wake-up call, it’s time for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) to stop wafting about having visions and get back to the business of leading. But he’s not going to do it willingly, so it’s left to pretty much the entire cast to get noisily on his case about it. Can’t a guy commune with his dead wife in peace any more?

Pleasingly, the writers seem determined not to turn Merle (Michael Rooker) into a redemption case, but there are definite inklings that he’s got depth and layers, and all those other things TV writers like. Let’s hope they don’t interfere with the far more important business of him being a cranky badass.

But in all the toing, froing and gunfire, one big question remains unanswered – exactly how far apart are Woodbury and the prison? Sometimes it seems to take all day for folks to get from one to the other, whereas this week Angela seems to manage it in about 25 minutes. Or maybe she’s just a really fast runner.

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