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Agatha Christie’s Marple: Caribbean Mystery

Agatha Christie’s Marple: Caribbean Mystery

Sun Jun 16, 8-10pm, ITV

By Phil Harrison
For all of the contextual variations, each ‘Marple…’ is much like another. This time, for a country house stuffed with suspects, read a Caribbean resort. It’s about as authentically Caribbean as Reggae Reggae sauce – there are servants and voodoo dolls and put-upon maids but, as always, this is really about the idle rich, who this time include Robert Webb, MyAnna Buring and Anthony Sher among their number.

But this is an amusing and eccentric ‘Marple’, a ‘Marple’ gone giddy under the tropical sun. Its mania is typified by the sudden appearance at the resort of one Ian Fleming, a writer trying to think of a suitable name for his new hero. Cue a guest speaker – lecturing on the birds of the West Indies – who announces his name to be, ‘Bond. James Bond.’ Utterly daft and thoroughly endearing, much like the show itself.

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