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Wed Nov 6, 9-10pm, BBC2

Episode three
Where, exactly, has ‘Ambassadors’ gone wrong? The idea, sending blundering diplomats to a chaotic post-Soviet state, is sound, while the casting – with Mitchell and Webb as inept and smug respectively – is tried and tested. The fault lies in the tone: ‘Ambassadors’ demonstrates, like so many others before it, just how difficult a comedy-drama can be to execute.

Tonight’s final episode is another slice of ripe characterisation, featuring Michael Smiley’s crack government interrogator and Natalia Tena as the Tazbek President’s spoilt, tarty daughter. There are promising situations too, as a power cut and an ill-advised tryst leave Keith (Mitchell) and Neil (Webb) looking distinctly compromised. But the whole simply doesn’t hang together – infuriating, given the talent involved. ‘Ambassadors’ may need a rethink before serving another term.



the time out reviewer has obviously no sense of humour. The Ambassador was the best thing I have seen on Tv for a long time. The reviewer should stick to watching Miranda.

david grenfell

Episode 2 was brilliant. Prince Mark was undoubtedly the funniest character I've since on the BBC all year: "I've been to China and it's awful. I stay at the Four Seasons. How do you rate the skirt here?" Episode 3, brilliantly again, cast Michael Smiley as a George Smiley figure, and then they all called him Paisley cos of his accent. Woosh, right over the tops of everybody's heads. I can only presume someone from the palace shut this down because of the Prince Mark stuff. Only quibble: Turkey did not look like the far east. They'd have been better near Malaga or Morocco. Turkey just looks Italian.