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Arne Dahl

Sat May 4, 9-10.30pm, BBC4

Series one, episode five
The murder of an undercover drugs cop leads the oddball members of A Unit to a murky (though middle-class and well-appointed) world of cocaine, thieved art and posh restaurateurs in part one of ‘To the Top of the Mountain’.

In a couple of distracting subplots, Nyberg is making eyes at his colleague over the kiddie porn, and Norlander suddenly becomes a dad on the way to work one morning. This unevenness of tone and lack of a central character to focus goings-on may well represent the fragmented nature of police work, but Lynchian surrealism – such as a cameo for the station’s gnomic cleaner – doesn’t help, and this series is struggling to spark or convince. Where’s Wallander?