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Auction Hero

Auction Hero

Mon May 13, 8-9pm, BBC2

By Phil Harrison
Series one, episode one
Belgravia antiques dealer Andrew Lamberty ‘wants to give something back’. Good for him, although since we’ve also seen him on C4’s ‘Four Rooms’, we hope it’s not too cynical to surmise that he also fancies launching a media career of some sort. That impression is reinforced by the format of this new series. Lamberty is aiming to wheel and deal his way towards a profit that he can then donate to worthy causes (tonight, a centre for dementia sufferers and an animal refuge).

The catch? ‘I’ve given myself just three months.’ So it’s charity, but charity that has to be shoehorned into the bogus time-frame trajectory of a TV show (running across this week). Cue a series of real-life ‘Lovejoy’ escapades interspersed with excerpts showing Lamberty hanging out with the hopeful recipients of his largesse. Self-indulgent.

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