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Tue Jul 23, 10-10.30pm, BBC3

Series one, episode one
Oh, men – sometimes you can be such silly-billies! From ‘Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?’ through to ‘Bottom’ and ‘Men Behaving Badly’, TV has a recurring soft spot for men old enough to know better.

The latest addition to this infantile strand is ‘Badults’. The name does most of the work here but, just to clarify, it’s about three male flatmates in their late twenties getting into scrapes. The only sensible character is their lady friend Rachel, who pops in from time-to-time to make the boys look even more puerile. Pappy’s, the sketch-comedy trio who are the creator-stars of ‘Badults’, are beloved of many for their live work, but this first episode – which sees them accidentally withdraw £5,000 from their joint account – misses the mark.

There’s no faulting the imagination at work (at one point, they re-enact the French Revolution), but their linking gags and repartee are twee, cloying and weaker than your nan’s squash. What made ‘The Inbetweeners’ such a rare gem was that the weekly antics were appropriate for the character’s ages. ‘Badults’ is just another slightly cringey example of men behaving badly.



the jokes are/could be funny but the actors are awful..


I am not sure if it tries to be unfunny or just fails really badly at doing the opposite. It is like they have stolen and used every cliché joke possible. The actors are constantly staring at the camera, which doesn't work or make sense given that it's not one of them shows (i.e. modern family). They have used some original gags which seem like good ideas, until they are drowned out by what-I-can-only-describe-as purposely bad acting and more unfunny jokes. Everyone loves a loveable idiot (take the inbetweeners 'Niel' or Joey Essex) and it seems like the show attempts to place three of them - sharing a flat which, like everything else in the show, fails miserably due to the fact that none of them are good at playing idiots and none of them behave like idiots. I have no words to describe the characters, they do not fit into dumb or immature - just an empty, humourless void in-between.


Just how was this allowed on TV....


Utter shite. Tries to be the U.K. version of Big Bang Theory with U.K. themes etc, and it does not work. Actors are terrible, story line is terrible, how this was allowed to be on T.V. is beyond me. It is quite frankly, utter fuckin' shite.


I demand my license fee back if this is the shape of things to come. Bereft of jokes or any hint of genuine humour, this is quite simply the most excrutiating thing i've ever seen. And i could only manage 4 minutes of it. Complete and utter garbage. The writers and actors should be sacked and prevented by the courts from being allowed to ever work in their respective fields again. Zero stars. If i could award negative stars, i would. I've awarded a star only because this site, like the Devil, made me do it.


The worst thing I've seen this year. Don't waste your time with it, trust me!


Well, it might be rubbish but it had flashes of genius. Loved the Monopoly section where the flat was broken up into three sections, brilliant. Better than the latest series of Not Going Out which has become so dire with it's missing cast members, hey ho!


I loved the first episode, and can't wait for tonights episode! Pappys putting the fun back into sitcoms!


From the moment i switched this show on, i could tell it was going to be awful. Absolutely cringeworthy! The jokes are rubbish, the 'acting' (if you can call it that) is horrific and the storylines are pathetic. I would never recommend this show to anyone and I wish they could end it mid-series because it's taking up valuable air time. Dont get me wrong, I love a good comedy show -and BBC3 usually has something decent - but from now on I'll be sticking to the likes of Channel 4 and E4. It doesn't even deserve one star.


I thought this was truly terrible, it was the most stupid thing I have seen in a long time and would definitely not recommend it to anybody.


Seen funnier injury lawyers adverts.


I really enjoyed it! Innocent, fresh, and although it had similarities to other flatshare sitcoms, it had a distinct character and nuance of its own. Made me laugh out loud throughout.


This is the worst writing and most dumbed-down 'humour' yet for a BBC3 post-watershed slot


2 stars is generous


Badults is piss poor. Comes complete with cheap jokes, thin premise and weak acting. It's basically just a rubbish Young Ones rip off