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Bi-Curious Me

Thu Jun 20, 10-11.05pm, C4

Hayley is 26, bisexual and a dating coach. She talks a lot about ‘confidence’, but we’re obviously meant to wonder how happy she really is. Jill is 57, and leaving her husband of 25 years for another woman.

Sophie found the experience of coming out to her parents as bisexual so traumatic that it has made her scared of same-sex relationships. There’s a shot of her going home alone on a bus at night, then one of her looking glumly out of a window in her flat.

It’s hard to understand why this documentary – part of C4’s ongoing Mating Season – needed to be such a massive downer, but you can’t knock the commitment of the programme makers to present sexual exploration in a new light: one of anxiety, selfishness and guilt. That said, it is often fascinating.