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Big Fat Gypsy Christmas: Carols and Caravans

Fri Dec 20, 9-10pm, C4

With the usual oversized dresses, fake tans, terrible opinions/life advice and sporadic subtitles, here are some festive scrapings from (hopefully) the bottom of the ‘Big Fat Gypsy’ barrel, with only Christmas decorations distinguishing it from its predecessors.

There’s little here that won’t have you rolling your eyes. Buying knives and tomahawks for a 13-year-old. Standing in a tanning booth without eye protection. Asking for your wedding cake to be the size of a car. The list of awful decisions is substantial, but it’s well-worn ground for a strand which has become as insipid as it is mindless. It may not be renowned as a sober commentary on the Traveller community, but if it isn’t even enjoyable, what’s the point?