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Branded a Witch

Mon May 20, 9-10pm, BBC3

Life in the Democratic Republic of Congo is unimaginably tough. The smouldering embers of civil war. Grinding poverty. The ravages of disease. Thank goodness the church is on hand to provide succour, eh?

Well, no. Not when pastors are encouraging their flocks to blame their troubles on their young children by accusing them of witchcraft (or ‘kindoki’) when they wet the bed or have nightmares. Happily, they’ll provide a ‘deliverance’ service for a price, with treatments including torture, starvation and beating of the uncomprehending kids in question.

This debut documentary from Congo-born, London-raised Kevani Kanda – whose own cousin has been ostracised because of claims of kindoki – is a profoundly shocking one, but these upsetting cases are no longer confined to Africa.The appalling fates of young Londoners Victoria Climbié and Kristy Bamu, both murdered by relatives attempting exorcisms, have proved as much. Beyond better education and wider publicity, Kanda offers few answers – but the questions she asks may haunt you for days.



I would like to know why the BBC with all its vast wealth and resources could not help that poor brother and sister who had been so badly burned her legs were to the bone surely they could have got them medical treatment airlifted out it has been done before shame on them And those women who beat that small boy it is beyond belief no one stopped them I hope there is a devil and hell because they should go direct very upsetting documentary

Lara cw

This type of documentry has been done before by Gary foxtrot which was just as disturbing, i understand that awareness needs to be raised on this issue and fully support that, however what does not seem to be beibg done, specificalky regarding this documentarybis if it is an offence to brand a chikd a witch why did kevani report the pastors before the 5 year old suffered for three days on his own, why has she not reported the church thst has branded her cousins as witches, their was alot of info but no contructive outcomes i have come away from watching this very upset and helpless


This documentary left me angry, sick, fearful for the life of those children in Africa to the point that I would never take much child to Africa unless they were glued to me and they would be by my side 247. How can one help male things better.