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Thu Aug 29, 9-10pm, C4

These real-life law enforcement docs can go either way. They can offer a fascinating insight into the unseen battle between cops and robbers that presumably rages around us as we go about our daily lives. Or they can just be a little dull – procedural films without the twists and turns of fiction. This, sadly, is one of the latter.

The specialist burglary cops patrolling Bramley, a ‘burglary blackspot’ in Leeds are good, sturdy citizens and we’re grateful they’re out there doing what they do. Those police bending over backwards to rehabilitate persistent offenders are equally admirable. But they don’t make for scintillating television and the criminals themselves (for obvious reasons) are even less communicative. A long hour – let’s hope this sort of thing doesn’t become standard issue for C4’s often essential ‘Cutting Edge’ strand.