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Crash for Cash

Thu Aug 1, 10-10.50pm, C4

As if having the recession hammered into us by endless programming about saving money wasn’t bad enough, now we’re being swindled too. Times are hard and C4 want to make sure we know that. Never mind that it makes for bad telly – something that was once a haven for escapism is now largely a trash heap of reality.

‘Crash for Cash’ is about insurance fraud, which is as exciting as it sounds, ie, not very. Up in Durham, Officer Dave is trying to pin down Paul Jonathan Wright, a criminal ‘mastermind’ who owns a scrap yard and stages car accidents. Thus rinsing insurance companies for towing and junking costs on top of damage and whiplash claims.

But it’s not just him: 70 others – including seven from Wright’s family – have been arrested for crashing for cash. These scams have pushed Durham residents’ premiums up by £100! It’s outrageous, but what’s more so, is that anyone would want to spend an hour of their precious, recession-hit free time watching this rubbish.