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Doc Martin

Doc Martin

Mon Sep 9, 9-10pm, ITV

By Gabriel Tate

Series six, episode two
After the excitement of last week’s wedding, back to more prosaic fare for episode two: the titular doc reckons James’ latest nanny might have hygiene issues; PC Penhale anonymously gathers some advice from Ruth that prompts a dramatic personality change; and Dennis’s apparent fondness for drink turns out to be something altogether more serious and difficult.

As much live-action tourist brochure as TV drama, ‘Doc Martin’ continues to be as undemanding and old-fashioned as always, while raking in viewing figures that must be the envy of series both more prestigious and nakedly crowd-pleasing. But this sort of gentle farce-cum-melodrama is much harder to pull off than it looks. To its credit, ‘Doc Martin’ makes it look very easy.

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