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Dogging Tales

Dogging Tales

Thu Apr 4, 10-11.15pm, C4

By Chris Waywell
‘You can never predict what will happen when you go dogging,’ says Les, 49. ‘You never know what happens when you go into the woods…’ Sadly – or perhaps happily, given that Les enjoys this pastime – predictability seems at the very heart of dogging. This doc, despite its explicitness, is only shocking in the grim disjunction between these ‘tales’ of repetitive, anonymous sex and the determination of filmmaker Leo Maguire to try and make them into something they’re not.

Watching your missus pulling a train of blokes in tracky bottoms in the back of a Vectra might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but why interview them in animal masks? Why all the spooky shots of startled wildlife and the hideous soundtrack of breathy electro? The participants seem, for the most part, emotional victims of hinted-at horrors. But not taking them at face value suggests that the greatest fantasist here is Maguire himself.

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