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Drama Matters: Rubenesque

Tue Oct 8, 9-10pm, Sky Living

Five self-contained dramas make up the latest in Sky’s ‘Drama Matters’ series, the latest of which – ‘Rubenesque’ – tells the unlikely story of a football referee-turned-model. After a dodgy decision during a game, Shona (played by Celtic and Scotland goalkeeper Gemma Fay) is suspended from her lineswoman role by the boorish men in charge – not to mention getting bawled out by her dad in the car park afterward.

After accidentally wandering into a specialist photography studio (run by ‘This Life’ star Daniela Nardini), the athletic and resolutely un-girly Shona is encouraged – ‘Miss Congeniality’-style – to go into modelling. Sure, it may sound hackneyed, but over 45 minutes, this set-up is used as a vehicle for some sharp Scottish banter, unexpected inversions of gender stereotypes and old Glaswegian ladies who pride themselves on ‘waxing their fanny twice a month’.

Add in Fay’s performance – hands-down the most exceptional dramatic role played by footballer since Jurgen Klinsmann’s retirement – and you have a cheeky, sparky and pleasantly unique comedy-drama.


Highlander Scotland Ltd

We're proud to have been used as a location for this pilot along with staff who starred as extras.