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Thu Oct 31, 9-10pm, E4

Episodes one and two
The new ‘Girls’? A female ‘Inbetweeners’? Both lazy labels, both lazily applied to this new female-led comedy written by and starring Jessica Knappett. The similarities are insultingly superficial – young, independent women living it large, albeit in Leeds. At least on the basis of this opening double bill, ‘Drifters’ isn’t yet in the same league.

‘Yet’, because there is real promise, especially in a second episode (at 9.30pm) featuring a bad date of oysters, profanity and, later, an attack of scabies. But the opener, as two friends return from travelling ‘the whole way round some of India’ to a muted welcome, is sluggish and the lead characters Laura (brassy, slutty), Bunny (dreamy, gullible) and Meg (the relatively sensible one) are sketchily drawn. Too many of the jokes are reliant on easy ‘girls behaving badly’ tropes rather than anything harder to execute, but there’s no faulting the enthusiasm or energy with which it’s carried out.


Sheldon Cooper W

Brilliant TV programme - unlike most other British programmes there is no fakeness and the actors are a group of real, down-to-earth struggling girls without any hint of pretensions. A refreshing change from the usual dross and very, very funny! I actually rolled off the sofa more that once in laughter. A real treat, kudos to whoever produced it for their braveness. Execution of the idea was not poor either, though a more conservative audience might find some of the scenes rather brash :)


I had to stop watching due to Jessica Knappett's voice. She continually sounds as if she has terrible sinus congestion, has a heavy head cold, and needs to blow her nose. It completely ruined my viewing.


The comparisons to The Inbetweeners are natural but unfair… To The Inbetweeners, which is funny and stars talented actors. Sadly, the same cannot be said for drifters. The jokes are the kind that are funny when you are sitting around slightly drunk on a night out with friends, but as a tv show they tend to fall well short. Any comparison to Girls is just bizarre and not made by anyone who has seen either show. The main issue, in my opinion, is the acting. These three girls are not lead actors, I'm afraid. They do not come across as trained actors who can carry an entire series, they are supporting comic actors at best, only able to play the stereotypes that have been written for them and unable to add any depth or weight. A few chuckles come along the way, but it isn't hard to watch the show with a stoney face and wonder 'why?'.