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Sun Apr 14, 8-10pm, ITV

Series one, episode one
Following seamlessly on from ‘Foyle’s War’ comes another period policier with a certain amount of baggage. The 2012 pilot wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but ‘Endeavour’s’ flick through Inspector Morse’s back pages retained enough of the original’s magic (not least Barrington Pheloung’s impeccable soundtrack) to earn itself a four-episode series.

Shaun Evans’s central performance as young Morse remains a peculiar thing, adrift between tribute act and its own uncertain identity, but Roger Allam anchors proceedings as the improbably named DI Fred Thursday and Anton Lesser is in his element as the conservative superintendent who hates to have a bridge night interrupted.

Tonight’s case connects a young medical student, a troubled GP, a dodgy postman and the incipient CND campaign. Even by ‘Morse’ standards, the solution is on the opaque side of tricksy, but seasoned Morse watchers will enjoy the careful integration of familiar elements. Your clue this week: ‘matey’.
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