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First Cut: Why Am I Still Single?

Wed Jun 26, 10.35-11.35pm, C4

Stand-up comic Naomi is too full-on and hung-up on her ex. Adman Lex is immature and selfish. Or so say their friends, as first-time director Juliet Riddell presents the neat conceit of having these two strangers burrow into each other’s lives for four days to find out why they can’t find a partner. Both have their issues – although Naomi seems rather less suprised to hear about them than Lex – and some of the showdowns with family and friends prove utterly excruciating.

To her credit, Riddell does a very solid job, approaching the task with empathy and imagination; we’ll be hearing more from her. But ultimately this is the story of two fairly normal people whose slow journeys towards self-examination don’t quite merit this much attention.