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Five Minutes to a Fortune

Sat Apr 6, 5.10-6.10pm, C4

‘One of those shows that has you clenching your buttocks from start to finish,’ reckons Davina McCall. It can’t be that bad, can it? Well, the public appetite for McCall will be tested to the max as she hosts this glossy new game show, showing every night for four weeks (and Saturday night is celebrity night!) and with £50,000 at stake.

‘Five Minutes to a Fortune’ involves teams of two working together – one picking and timing five challenges inside five minutes, the other doing them – aiming to keep as much money as they can in an hourglass before their time runs out. There are also gimmicks called Freeze Times and Emergency Stops (what, no Parallel Parking?). And, as so often with these series, it probably sounds more baffling than it actually is. If nothing else, it’ll fill the hole in your viewing between the Grand National and ‘Doctor Who’.


P Keane

Does Davina ever change her clothes? She wears the boring black jumper and trousers every day.