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Freedom Project: Every Day in Cambodia

Sat Dec 14, 8-9pm, CNN

CNN’s Freedom Project enters its third year of combating modern-day slavery with this campaigning film on behalf of child sex workers in the Cambodian region of Sway Pak. Worth hundreds of dollars to their parents and pimps, dozens of pre-pubescent girls are reportedly trafficked every day, with US activist Don Brewater among those working to rescue the girls and prosecute their captors.

No preview copies were available, but this seems likely to be a gruelling hour of television. The trailer suggested a surfeit of intensely well-meaning but tearful celebrity involvement from Mira Sorvino – let’s hope her understandable but jarring need to personalise the situation (‘I look at these children and I see in their eyes the faces of my own little girls,’ and so on) doesn’t submerge the issues she’s attempting to publicise.