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Fresh Meat

Mon Nov 4, 10-10.50pm, C4

Series three, episode one
‘I’d like to do it again,’ reckons Howard as we join the occupants of 28 Hartnell Avenue at the outset of series three of the Bain-Armstrong studentcom. Howard’s talking about sex, which looks like being the major theme of this series: after first year (‘Beer Year’) and before third year (‘Fear Year’) comes ‘Spear Year’. JP inevitably attempts to lead from the front, forming ‘Team Hard On’ and taking over the Dry Slope Skiing Club in a bid to get laid.

Vod and Oregon are back from South America nursing an unspecified beef, while Kingsley’s love life isn’t looking quite as simple as it appears to be. And Josie? Stranded in Southampton, but still in constant touch via Skype. It takes a little while to get going, but it’s never less than supremely watchable, with all the series plotlines neatly established, a promising newbie in home-schooled fresher Candice (Faye Marsay, late of ‘The White Queen’) and the cast slipping into their roles with consumate ease.