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Mon Nov 25, 8-9pm, E4

Episode one
Well, no one can claim that the title’s opaque. In what sounds like a cross between ‘Beauty and the Geek’ and US franchise ‘Breaking Amish’, this proposes to take self-confessed nerds out of their comfort zone of quantum physics or 'Star Trek' or whatever clichés C4 may have thrust upon them, and plonked in one of the world’s party capitals with passes to trendy clubs and access to, like, girls/boys and stuff. Lucky them, eh?

Tonight sees three male scientists and a female Quidditch team heading to Marbella. No previews were available, but hugging, learning and awkward hilarity will doubtless ensue, as well as musings about how fickle fashions can be. Weren’t geeks chic last week?