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Happy Families

Thu Jun 27, 9-10pm, ITV

Episode three
This touching, revealing series continues to go from strength to strength. This week, it’s all about the dads – while the role has changed, there are enough lingering traces of trad dad expectation to cause real anxiety when things don’t go quite as planned. Take Kris, for example. He used to be a welder but is currently unemployed. And while he clearly dotes on both his own daughter and the four stepchildren he’s inherited, he can’t help but bridle at his new status as house-husband.

Down in Kent, emotionally repressed Keith struggles with his brood of stroppy teens while in Nottingham, T becomes a victim of his own good nature. In terms of expectations and circumstances, these three families are incredibly different. But there’s a basic universality to the various break-ups and make-ups that makes this thoroughly involving viewing, whatever perspective you bring to it.