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Hello: a Portrait of Leslie Phillips

Sat Sep 28, 9-10.20pm, More4

Tucked far away in the schedules from the stürm und drang of Saturday night’s talent-show wars sits this rather more contemplative fare. Although no preview copies were available, the trailer suggests that this is a gentle, artist-approved bio of ‘Carry On’ veteran and Brit character actor stalwart Phillips, whose famous titular greeting came to define his public persona.

Talking us through his acting, army career and private life from his armchair, Phillips looks to be in reflective form, bolstered by fellow old stagers such as John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins and Miranda Richardson paying tribute. He was no Olivier, but those who dismiss his roles as limited to cads and rakish buffoons would do well to stay tuned for 2006’s excellent romantic drama ‘Venus’, for which he was Bafta-nominated.