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Him and Her: the Wedding

Thu Nov 21, 10-10.30pm, BBC3

Series four, episode one
The jewel in BBC3’s comedy crown begins its lap of honour with a final series set on a single day. The appalling Laura and the pathetic Paul are tying the knot, Becky is the main bridesmaid, Steve is the best man and chaos is sure to ensue.

We’d wondered if this scenario might be a touch too busy for a show that has often specialised in doing nothing much, very slowly and very charmingly for whole episodes at a time. But on the evidence of this opener, it should work fine: Steve and Becky (further showcasing the remarkable chemistry of Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani) are the still point around which a series of bizarre, hideous and unbelievable events seems likely to swirl – and we’re sure they’ll take it in their collective stride.

A word too for Kerry Howard, whose Laura is surely one of the most unbearable creations in TV history – she manages to infuse Laura’s every moment of screentime with a uniquely noxious mixture of selfishness, neediness and spite. We can only hope her career survives the association…


isa mackowski
isa mackowski

Everything that on the earth most foul is Laura every word she utters makes me want to scream,but all around her the other characters are so well written and true to life.The painful sadnessof the bridesmaid with braces,and the wonderful words of Becky describing what she looked like to Steve in her bridesmaids dress,as looking like a ladyboy hysterical! An excellent comedy skilfully written by Stefan Golaszewski perfect!