Horizon: Swallowed by a Black Hole

Wed Jun 26, 9-10pm, BBC2

There’s a black hole in our galaxy – and it’s ‘getting ready to feed’. This sounds ominous but actually, black holes are about creation as much as destruction. Or so we think. Because no one really knows. Black holes are ‘an anomaly of gravity so strange, it is barely possible to comprehend’. This, of course, is a problem for anyone seeking to make a TV documentary about them.

How the hell do you illustrate a phenomenon so utterly bewildering. With a diver on the edge of a cliff? Some lights flashing in a dark wood? A neon sign reading ‘black hole’? This documentary tries all of these approaches and a few more, but nothing quite works. In fact, the visual gimmickry is mildly distracting, particularly in the context of a subject that requires 100 percent concentration. This might have been better as a radio doc, but it’s still fascinating, headspinning stuff.