How to Find the Perfect Flatmate

Wed Oct 23, 10.45-11.50pm, C4

With demand through the roof and prices laughable, looking for a flatshare in London is one of the capital’s most uniquely harrowing experiences. Perfectly capturing the frustration of taking a three-tube schlep across town in your lunch break to sigh at a rotting council flat guarded by your worst nightmare incarnate, this one-off documentary throws the focus on one of the biggest challenges faced by new Londoners.

‘It’s tougher than a job interview because they’re actually judging you based on your personality,’ says one luckless househunter, and they’re right. As the show’s case studies demonstrate, recent years have seen securing platonic co-habitation turn into some sort of multi-layered gameshow, where would-be tenants lose marks for everything from too many capital letters in their introduction email to refusing to wear fancy dress at the half-hour meet-and-greet.

It’s a portrait of London at its most shallow, ruthless, lonely and infuriating, and therefore ought to prove oddly reassuring for anyone with a roof over their heads.