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It’s Kevin

It’s Kevin

Sun Apr 28, 10.30-11pm, BBC2

By Gabriel Tate
Series one, episode six
Like very many sketch shows, ‘It’s Kevin’ has been patchy. Like very few, it’s been admirably reluctant to recycle material or characters, displayed an impressive breadth of reference (tonight, from the relaxing properties of dubstep to Picasso’s early years via ‘Carry On’ films and Dr Seuss) and boasted a few skits destined to go down as classics.

Nestling alongside the Amish Sex Pistols in the hall of fame tonight is Classic Threats magazine, ‘about things that don’t seem quite so scary any more’. You know, like the Millennium Bug or homosexuals. The self-referential links haven’t always worked in spite of a parade of guest stars – Johnny Vegas chips in tonight as a close-up magician – but such a steady stream of invention and readiness to toy with format should surely be rewarded with a second series. If only to find out whether Kevin resolves his crush on the lovely Wendy Wilson…

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