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Sun May 19, 9-10pm, Fox

Series one, episode one
They used to be called Europuddings: the sort of multinational TV ventures that aim too widely and duly miss most of their targets. And ‘Jo’, from ‘Law and Order’ showrunner Rene Balcer, is a truly scattershot affair. The ever-lugubrious Jean Reno holds things together as the obsessive Parisian cop of the title, fighting crooks, drug addiction and the loneliness of his situation, with a recently deceased wife and a long estrangement from his damaged daughter. But otherwise it’s a mess.

The opening case – a corpse left in a crucifixion pose outside Notre Dame – is workaday. Director Charlotte Sieling seems to have mislaid the tension and atmosphere she brought to ‘The Killing’ and ‘The Bridge’. And, while it’s not unusual for dialogue in a foreign TV series to be spoken in English (‘Zen’, ‘Falcón’), it seems utterly perverse to make an almost entirely British cast speak in cod-American accents. Still, it could find a second life as a Ukip recruiting tool.



this copshow is great jean reno is excellent in this copshow this show is a european version of law and order this is how the format is suppose to be jean reno accent is just fine and the rest of the cast is great tom austen is great playing the younger cop and jill hennessy and orla brady are amazing actress a lot of copshows that are strictly from the uk or the usa are bad this one is not it,s great it,s a european show that target the international market the show is a hit in a lot of countries