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Kevin McCloud’s Manmade Home

Sun Sep 22, 8-9m, C4

Series two, episode one
He’s ‘finding refuge from twenty-first century Britain’. He’s yearning for ‘a more creative life’. He’s ‘searching for a little slice of happiness’. Oh dear. It sounds like poor Kevin McCloud is in the midst of some sort of profound spiritual crisis. In fact, we’d probably be slightly worried about him if he didn’t have some good, loyal friends at Channel 4 who were prepared to pay for him to stick his garden shed on a truck, lug it down to the seaside, stick it on the edge of a cliff and find some repurposed scrap to tart it up a bit.

Not a million miles away from being a smug middle-class escape fantasy, this new series bears the authentic ring of pointlessness. Sure, he’s ingenious – using fish oil for burning and animal innards for boat buoyancy – but, for the most part, the project seems to take the form of ostentatiously doing everything in the most difficult way possible. So finally, it just feels self-indulgent – it’s hard to see what’s in it for the rest of us.



I thought it should be retitled "Kevin McCloud killing animals in a variety of different ways". As far as a piece of fun self build goes, yeah, it's a decent watch. But seriously Channel 4, murdering everything that moves and thinking it's in any way acceptable is naive at best. Kevin is still not living in a self sustained way when he chooses to exploit every living creature around him and marvels in his mid-life crisis of how wonderful it is. I have yet to see the final episode but by the clips shown, it looks like he destroyed his project instead of displaying it as a piece of education for anyone wanting ideas of living in a more self sufficient way. Hypocrisy as its finest.