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Last Tango in Halifax

Christmas Eve, 9-10pm, BBC1

Series two, episode six
As Alan and Celia’s wedding plans gather pace in the final episode of this second season, Gillian’s drunken confession has left Caroline in something of a moral quandary. Caroline’s also struggling to win back the affections of Kate, as Robbie is persuaded to take a chance with Gillian.

Love is firmly in the air, then, and as usual the calibre of the writing and acting is very high indeed. Whether it’s light-hearted japes or more serious, lugubrious subject matter, the performances throughout are first rate, while the exchanges always feel genuine and realistic.

Of course, events culminate in the much-anticipated wedding itself, which doesn’t disappoint. A touching and uplifting affair, it manages to tug on the heartstrings without becoming saccharine. Every plot is concluded quite neatly; given this sort of quality and such impressive ratings, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ get a third series.