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Man Down

Fri Oct 18, 9.30-10pm, C4

Series one, episode one
Greg Davies’s latest venture into sitcomland is comedy writ large, from the initial fart joke, to a pair of lost trousers and some slapstick scenes that are so preposterous as to be surreal.

The premise is a tried and tested traditional one – newly dumped, middle-aged teacher (Davies) lives in a flat attached to the house of his mum and dad (Rik Mayall, in a near-perfect piece of casting, if you overlook the fact that Davies and Mayall are roughly the same age), and is surrounded by idiosyncratic/idiotic ‘fucking mental’ friends who do things such as sing him out of bouts of angst under the disapproving gaze of a battleaxe café proprietor.

It’s touches such as these – and Davies’s utterly silly but joyous classroom scenes, and lines such as ‘He’s a good boy. He’s normal. He’s not into your rubber shorts, your plastic fists, your glory holes,’ delivered by the local tailor discussing his work experience schoolboy – that could have you warming to both Davies and the series, particularly if you like puerile, juvenile, violent comedy. Ageing ‘The Young Ones’ fans will love it.



funny most of the times, hope there's gonna be season 2! 3/5


I've really enjoyed all four episodes. This show is pure, random humour, and so will not appeal to everyone, and technically in terms of plot and sense of reality it's not the best, but that doesn't matter because it is hilarious. People who bash this show for not being technically superb should stop focusing on plot devices and just loosen up and enjoy the hilarious randomness that this show offers.

Papa Benedict

Strange how all these suspiciously short but glowing reviews appeared right after the first one almost in a single day. Funny that. I believe Mr. Wright is right! What utter dross this show was.

Tommy Bommy

Funny, rude, silly. Definitely watching again! and with the "WWE" Rik Mayall on screen with the real Rik Mayall, fighting in a Bottom-esque way? - what more can I ask for!


Only gave one star because there isn't a minus option. Purile rubbish designed for todays consumer of crap. How long are we to put up with Greg Davies cashing in on his Inbetweeners bit of luck? Go back to being a schoolteacher Greg, the party is almost over.

Mandy Watkins

I loved this nearly as much as I love you Greg. Come and see me again...soon

Dickie Plant

tip top, top of the shop. Thanks Greg, thanks a lot. Superb.

Stephen Wright

Very disappointing. Ham fisted slapstick and cheap shots incorporating supposedly risqué dialogue and random swearing. These things alone do not make a good comedy. This sitcom displays a total absence of clever writing or well thought out comedic plot devices. Could it be that the likes of Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews have set the bar so high that it's virtually impossible for anybody to come up to the mark? I hope not.