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Murder on the Homefront

Thu May 9, 9-10pm, ITV

Series one, episode one
This new thriller is loosely based on the memoirs of Molly Lefebure, who was secretary to Home Office pathologist and pioneer of modern forensics Keith Simpson during World War II. From a ratings point of view, it’s a shrewd commission – there will always be a certain level of audience take-up for gloomy atmospherics, air raid sirens and spivs in fedoras. As a drama, though, this will need time to bed in.

Doctor Lennox Collins (Patrick Kennedy) may be a forensics man but he’s a TV detective in spirit – maverick, unpredictable and not entirely risk averse. In fact, the blurring of the lines between his emerging profession and the more stolid police work that surrounds him is one of the main sources of intrigue. One suspects that Lefebure would be delighted with her fictional counterpart, the flighty and vivacious Molly Cooper (Tamzin Merchant) who emerges as Collins’s partner in crime during this opener. Three women are dead. But can the pair dodge the Luftwaffe for long enough to nail the killer? Very much of its type, but perfectly watchable.


Lesley Worstencroft

Loosely based on Molly Lefebure's memoirs? Only the title and the leading lady's first name have anything in common with the book ' Murder on the home front'! The depiction of the "Keith Simpson" character is so far from his own memoirs in his own book 'Forty years of murder' as to be a travesty. No wonder they waited for both Molly and Keith SImpson to die before writing this rubbish as they would be in danger of being sued for defamation of character. If screen writers want to change so much they should think up an original idea not use and abuse original material.


Hooked in the 1st 5mins ,outstanding tv hats off to itv