Mystery Map

Wed Nov 27, 8-9pm, ITV

Series one, episode two
Physicist and cosmologist Carl Sagan once said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Perhaps predictably, the ‘evidence’ for extraordinary events on offer here is tenuous and flimsy at best. The Beast of Bodmin Moor. Spontaneous human combustion. Mass hysteria. Dogs with superpowers.

All are briefly explored, but the odd piece of grainy footage or anecdotal testimony does not make for compelling evidence and, in certain cases, the purported proof is quickly rubbished (faeces supposedly belonging to the Beast turn out to be fox poo). To the show’s credit, claims are scrutinised and logical explanations proposed – a refreshing change from shows which barely even pay lip service to sceptical, rational thought. And it’s a step up from ‘Most Haunted’, at least.