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North America

Thu May 23, 9-10pm, Discovery

Series one, episode one
This epic new nature doc series is from the team behind ‘Planet Earth’, so you know what you’ll be getting with ‘North America’: sweeping vistas, slo-mo sequences and the cycles of life-and-death in unflinching detail. As we work eastwards from Alaska, we see killer whales attacking a grey whale, kid goats frolicking awkwardly on the snowy slopes of the Rockies and stallions battling for supremacy in Utah.

Chiwetel Ejiofor does a decent job of standing in for Attenborough on narration duties, explaining the differing climates as we travel across the continent. The anthropomorphism is also kept to tolerable levels, so we’re able to concentrate on the astounding camerawork and no less incredible activities being filmed. There may be no great revelations here, but an hour spent in the company of scuttling sea turtles and tropical birds on the pull is never going to be a wasted one.