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Raised By Wolves

Raised by Wolves

Mon Dec 23, 10.50-11.25pm, C4

Caitlin Moran’s media profile continues to rise; it’s just as well she’s such a likeable presence. This sitcom pilot is a reimagining of her Wolverhampton childhood, co-written with her sister Caroline. In ‘Raised by Wolves’, Caitlin and Caroline are Germaine and Aretha. Germaine moons over local lout Lee Rind (‘He’s sensitive. I saw him shoplift an Adele CD.’) while Aretha rolls her eyes and dreams of escape.

The pair are engaged in a long-running, low-key sororicidal war but, even when they’re attacking each other with lawnmowers or locking each other in spider-infested sheds, the love is palpable. There are obvious debts to ‘Shameless’, particularly in the shape of the stoner grandad. But it’s gleefully profane and full of brittle energy – we’d welcome a series.
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