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Scientologists at War

Scientologists at War

Mon Jun 17, 9-10pm, C4

By Phil Harrison
For members of an organisation so apparently secure in its own righteousness, Scientologists are notoriously touchy. This can manifest itself in simple oversensitivity to ridicule. But the Yank A-listers’ fairy tale of choice has a muscular legal wing too.

For possibly not unrelated reasons, we didn’t receive any preview material of this documentary – presumably C4’s lawyers were going through it with the finest of fine-tooth combs. But it promises to explore the independent Scientology movement – a breakaway sect which seeks to practice dianetics outside the official church. They include Marty Rathbun, a former Inspector General for Ethics (no idea, but it doesn’t sound sinister at all, does it?) who previously worked closely with the church’s current leader David Miscavige. Sure to be entertaining.

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